Top trending 10 laptop brand in India 2020

Top 10 laptop brand in India 2020:-

 There are so many types of laptops present worldwide. Every brand has some uniqueness so I will suggest the best laptop brand according to your requirement.
Top trending 10 laptop brand in India 2020 , Apple Dell HP Lenovo Asus Acer Samsung Vaio MSI Google Life Digital RDP Razer Panasonic Avita Micromax LG


In addition to offering reliability in the product division, there are other benefits of going with a branded laptop instead of a new name:

  1. Innovative feature.
  2. Professional marketing approach.
  3. A better set of software upgrades.
  4. Aesthetic Packaging.
  5. customer support.
  6. Competitive pricing
  7. Accessible servicing options. (Not all, but a lot of brands offer it.)
  8. High-quality hardware and parts.
  9. Aesthetic packaging.
  10. Extensive range of options catering to diverse user requirements.
  11. Environment-Friendly.

The best laptop brand consider in 2020 India


Global Brand with a Diversified Clientele
Points to consider in hp Laptop
  • Established in 1939,
  • based out of Palo Alto, California.
  • Global Market Share-22.6% share.

Market Segment of GP laptop.

  1. Home
  2. Personal
  3. Business
  4. Gaming

Type of laptop in the hp brand.

  1. fanless laptops.
  2. Gaming laptops.
  3. basic notebook.
  4. high-end workstations.
  5. detachable 2-in-1s.

Contact HP Support: https://support.hp.com/us-en


The brand that relies on Sturdiness and Affordability
Key factor
  • Established in 1984.
  • Beijing based global conglomerate.
  • It has a global computer market share of 25.1 percent.
  • ultra-slim devices and convertibles
Type of Lenovo laptop.
  1. Affordable clamshell laptops
  2. hardcore gaming.
  3. business laptops.
  4. Lenovo ThinkPad.
  5. ThinkBook.
  6. Legion.
  7. IdeaPad.

The Product Range

  • Personal and Professional Use: ThinkPad, ThinkBook, and IdeaPad
  • Business and Mobility: Lenovo V, Flex, and Yoga
  • Gaming: Legion Y
Contact Lenovo Support: https://support.lenovo.com/


Innovation Personified

    Key factor
    • Dell Established in 1984.
    • Headquarters of Dell:-Texas, US.
    • Dell Global Market share 17%.
    • The company primarily concentrates on durability and aesthetics.
    • the price to feature balance in Dell laptops is worth mentioning.
    • The Dell company also lists mobile workstations.
    • convertibles, 2-in-1 gadgets

    Dell Laptop market segments India According to use:-

    1. basic models.
    2.  premium business laptops.
    3.  student-friendly machines.
    4. gaming laptops.
    5. professional game development.

    Best models of Dell laptop

    • The Inspiron.
    • XPS.
    • Vostro.
    • and the Latitude Dell laptop.

    Dell Product Range

    • Home and Personal Use: Inspiron
    • Business and Productivity: Vostro, Latitude, and XPS
    • Hardcore Gaming: G-Series and Alienware Laptops

    Contact Dell Support: 

    4. Apple Laptops or MacBooks

    Premium Gadgets with Superior Performances

    Key Factor of apple laptop or MacBooks

    • Established in 1976
    • Headquarters: California, US.
    • The global market share of Apple in Laptop is 5.9%.
    • the company holds a formidable position in the laptop market.
    • Apple laptops and Macbook are style statements in the global laptop community.
    • Thinner bezels.
    • aesthetic chassis.
    • excellent battery backup.
    • innovative Touch Bar.

    Apple Product Range

    • Home & Personal-MacBook Air
    • Business and Productivity-MacBook Pro

    Contact Apple Support: https://support.apple.com/

    5. Acer Laptops

    Gadgets for Every Segment

      Key Factor of Acer laptop.

      •  Established in 1976.
      • Global market share 5.7%.
      • Acer offers a device for every price range.
      •  Acer laptops offer decent battery life.
      • The performance of the Acer Laptops is commendable despite the affordability.

      Acer laptop market segment in India according to use:-

      • dedicated gaming ready laptops.
      •  high-end creative usage.
      • Personal usage.

      Best laptop models of Acer.

      1. The Aspire.
      2. Nitro.
      3. Switch
      4. Spin
      The gaming and productivity series from Acer-
      1. The Predator
      2. Concept D

      Their Product Range

      • Personal and Professional Usage: Swift, Spin, Switch, Aspire, Nitro, and Chromebooks, Aspire E, and Acer One
      • Hardcore Gaming: Predator
      • Designing and Productivity: ConceptD.

      6. ASUS Laptops

      Innovative, Powerful, and Futuristic

      The key factor of Asus laptops

      • Established in 1976.
      • Headquarters- Taipei, Taiwan.
      • Global market share-5%
      • Asus company is best known for its gadget segmentation and reliability.
      • affordability.
      • each one of them boasts of extraordinary levels of craftsmanship.

      Market segment of Asus laptop

      • high-end business laptops
      • College studies
      • hardcore gaming devices.
      • sleek hybrids.

      The top model of Asus laptop-

      • ZenBooks.
      • VivoBooks.
      • ROGs.
      • TUFs.
      • Affordable Chromebooks for budget users.
      Some of the more innovative gadgets from the company include the ROG Zephyrus G14 that excels in terms of processing power.

      Asus Product Range

      • Personal Use: ZenBook
      • Professional Use and Productivity: ZenBook and VivoBook
      • Hardcore Gaming: ROG and TUF.
      Contact ASUS Support: https://www.asus.com/support/

      7. MSI Laptops

      Gaming Gods are in the Town

      Highlights Of MSI laptops-

      • Established in 2000.
      • Headquarters- New Taipei, Taiwan.
      • best-in-class gaming laptops.
      • excellent cooling features on gaming devices.
      • great graphics support.
      • Massive processing power.
      • Unbelievable build quality.
      • The unique set of sensors and trackers.
      • Global presence in the gaming community.

      Their Product Range

      • Professional Use: Creator, Modern, and Prestige
      • Hardcore Gaming: Stealth, Titan, Leopard, Alpha, and Bravo.
      Market segment-
      • personal use.
      • Hardcore Gaming.
      • Workstations.
      • Professional Use.

      8. Microsoft Laptops

      "Back to the SURFACE"

      Microsoft laptop highlights-

      • laptop manufacturing starts in 2012.
      • Headquarters- Washington, US.
      • The software giant is best known for offering Surface-branded gadgets.
      • quite affordable.
      • Despite limited segments.
      • The brand targets the key laptops' forms.
      • Class-leading hardware.
      • 99 percent reliability claim.
      • Exceptional battery life on certain gadgets.
      • 90-day technical support.
      • A good selection of ports.

      Best laptop of Microsoft-

      • Microsoft surface goes.
      • Surface Laptop 3.

      Market segment-

      • Home
      • Professional use.

      Their Product Range

      With Microsoft, we get sturdy convertibles, basic clamshells, and aesthetic detachable.

      Contact Microsoft Support: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/contactus/

      9. Razer Laptops

      Rebranding Gaming

      Highlights of Razer laptops-

      • Established in 2005.
      • Headquarters in San Diego.
      • Best game-playing performance.
      • exceptional processing power on display.
      • Razer isn’t a company that creates devices for general use.
      • Razer makes gaming laptops with different screen sizes.
      • The brand manufactures some of the best gaming laptops.
      • Accessible technical support via service partners.
      • It has a global presence.
      • Insanely powerful gadgets.

      Their Product Range

      Professional & Gaming.

      10. Samsung Laptops

      "Crafty Gadget for Everyone"

      Highlights of Samsung laptops-

      • Laptop Manufacturing starts in 1990
      • Headquarters -Seoul, South Korea.
      • The company always looks to bring in newer technologies.
      • brilliant aesthetics into the mix.
      • Slim gadgets.
      • A decent set of specifications.
      • The gaming lineup performs as per expectations.
      • Poor battery backup.
      • Warranties aren’t covered for the upgraded gadgets.
      • Underwhelming design.

      Their Product Range

      • Personal use: Notebook Flash.
      • Professional and Business use: Galaxy Books and Notebook 9.
      • Hardcore Gaming: Notebook Odyssey.

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